“Catering Wimbledon SW19” As part of our extensive service range we also offer professional events and functions catering service. Professional catering including high quality beverages and delicious food are all essential to making a good impression on your guests and since every occasion is special and each event unique we guarantee to prepare and deliver the […]


“Babysitting Wimbledon SW19” Parents are burdened by a load of daily social and work commitments which can get in the way of spending time with the kids and make family life a little more complex than it should be. Most of the time busy parents who cannot stay at home and look after the kids would […]

Gardening Wimbledon

“Gardening Wimbledon SW19” Showing serious commitment toward your gardening in Wimbledon SW19 tasks also shows the level of care and attention you pay to your property altogether, as a neat, well-kept home is complemented by a manicured lawn and well maintained garden. Problem is that many people wish to care for their garden regularly and properly, but […]

Ironing Services

“Ironing Services Wimbledon SW19” Ironing is one of the essential housekeeping chores, but one that is also considered to be quite annoying and tedious. Ironing can be a little tricky, especially if you are not too good with the iron or you are just beginning to get the hang of it, all in all this adds […]

Patio Cleaning

“Patio Cleaning Wimbledon SW19” The patio is an integral part of the house or property and it makes sense to keep it clean and free of stain and grime just like the rest of the house. Patios are made of different materials, mainly stone or concrete, most of them are paved using what’s known as […]

Mattress Cleaning

“Mattress Cleaning Wimbledon SW19” Regular mattress cleaning doesn’t seem to make the list of cleaning chores but proper mattress hygiene is quite important for your health and wellbeing. When new, a mattress is free of any bacteria, allergens, dust mites, bad smells and funguses. In time, with everyday use even the best and most expensive of mattresses will […]

Kitchen Cleaning

“Kitchen Cleaning Wimbledon SW19” The kitchen is one of the most heavily used areas of the house, the kitchen sees a lot of daily use and it doesn’t take too long before it starts showing the need for some serious cleaning attention. Immaculate kitchen hygiene at all times is more than just a necessity but an essential […]

Hard Floor Cleaning

“Hard Floor Cleaning Wimbledon SW19” Hard floors are some of the most stylish and valuable features a home can display so maintaining and caring for them properly is essential if you want to preserve their good looks and excellent properties for longer. Professional hard floor cleaning in Wimbledon SW19 is an inseparable part of proper hard floor […]

Floor Cleaning

“Floor Cleaning Wimbledon SW19” When you need to take professional cleaning care of your floors in Wimbledon SW19, waste no time and effort and come to Cleaners Wimbledon SW19 as we can provide you with an efficient and cost effective cleaning solution suitable for a range of different flooring options commonly found in residential and […]

Dry Carpet Cleaning

“Dry Carpet Cleaning Wimbledon SW19” Dry carpet cleaning in is one of our special purpose cleaning services and is considered to be an alternative cleaning method which is suitable for both natural and synthetic fibre carpets. Dry carpet cleaning is a relatively new, non-aggressive cleaning method which uses very little water in order to cut down the carpets’ […]